Artist Development
Development is essential for any artist or group who wants to establish a strong and lasting presence in the music industry. Although the terms ‘came out of nowhere’ and ‘happened overnight’ are often used to describe ones career, you’ll soon find out that a significant amount of development and time was invested before their debut. As with any artist trying to break their way into a creative business, a distinct overall vision is crucial, and is often created and nurtured over a period of time. As they say, “You can only make a first impression once.” So getting it right from the start of release is vital.

Luckily, The Boombox comes with over 20 years experience in artist development; having put together some of the UK’s most recognized music acts. The Boombox believes strongly in making a clear and conscious statement: from production, to image branding, as well as performance, and an overall appeal to a target market. Lending experience and knowledge, The Boombox is a one-stop shop for any artists development.

EP and Album Projects
Whether you’re looking to record an EP, album or a demo, no project is ever too big or too small to handle. Ultimately, it’s down to the artist or group which route is best suited for their needs at that time. The Boombox caters to artists who are looking for fresh, new material, as well as already established projects looking for a finished sound to take it to the next level. With a team of writers and producers on hand, The Boombox takes pride in a world-class sound that continues to leaves a lasting impression on artists and the music industry around the world.

Boombox Consultancy

Boombox Consultancy offers artists and bands a step by step guide to help them achieve their ultimate goal.  With our teams extensive knowledge of the music industry we will create a consultancy plan tailormade to each artists aim and budget.  Over 3 to 6 months we can help enhance your songwriting skills and arrange writing/recording sessions with top songwriters & producers to provide you with high quality demos and/or radio ready productions. If self releasing a single/EP/album we can provide a Label Servicepackage and guide you all the way providing you with music, video, online content, PR etc and you will have access to our world wide industry network contacts built up over the last 25 years.
We aim to help talent and artists find their place in the market to give them the best possible chance for success in this highly competitive yet rewarding industry.